6 Cheeky Games To Spice Up Your Date Night

by Martina R

Hi lovelies, Martina & Tomash here!

So, we've all been there..

You want to spice up your next date night with a little bit of fun, but you're not sure what games to play..

Well, we can help! ;)

Below are our 6 top picks for the best games to spice up your date night. Thank us later!

1. Charades 

This old-school game is a classic for a reason! You can try it in the traditional format or add a little twist by using more modern themes – for example, acting out current TV shows, movies, or popular songs. Either way, it will surely get your date laughing and having a good time!

2. Truth or Dare 

This classic game is the perfect way to get to know your date in a fun and lighthearted way.. You can ask the questions on your own or let each other pick among the many different dares that are usually included.

If you really want to spice things up, you can also try playing a kinky version of the game, where you either give your partner a sexy task to complete or ask for one in return. Just be sure to set some ground rules before getting started!

3. Twister

Oh, yes! Who doesn't love playing Twister? With its combination of physical excitement and silliness, this game is perfect for a fun date night. Just be sure to watch out for the inevitable spills and tumbles that can happen when you're getting a little bit too close;)

4. Strip Poker

You knew this one was coming, ha! Perhaps the most classic of all date night games, strip poker is a great way to heat things up. It's not possible or both of you to win all the hands. The clothes will begin to come off, and that's when things start to get crazy.

5. Quarters

No list would be complete without a drinking game. Quarters is one of the simplest yet most entertaining games you can play. You'll need a quarter and a plastic cup for each player, a table or hard surface to bounce the coin off of, and good timing! The goal is to bounce the quarter into the other player's cup. If you make it, they have to drink their cup. If they make it, you have to drink. It won't be long until you're getting buzzed and having a good time.

6. An adult version of Candy Land

For a more PG take on the classic game, we suggest creating an adult version by adding your own kinky twists to the board and rules.

For example, you can give your partner a sexy task each time they land on one of your pieces or make them kiss you each time they land on your colored square. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to impress your date with an awesome game? Then be sure to give one of these fun games a try!

They're the perfect way to get things started and put you both in a playful mood. And who knows, maybe you'll end up finding more than just fun when you play together..

Do you have any other suggestions for fun games to play on a date night? Let us know in the comments!


Martina & Tomash


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