Magnetic Brooklyn Bracelets

King & Queen Couples Bracelets
Magnetic Brooklyn Bracelets
Luxury King & Queen Couples Bracelets
Luxury King & Queen Couples Bracelets
Magnetic Brooklyn Bracelets

Magnetic Brooklyn Bracelets

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Magnetic Brooklyn Bracelets

No wonder they say "People do not forget two things - their first love and their first day in New York City."

Although New York City is often called the "City of Dreams”, the new research proves that a much more suitable name may be the "City of Love.”

Did you know that New York City was voted as the #1 city in the world to meet Your Soulmate?

That is why we created our extravagant yet still classy collection Magnetic New York Bracelets - for all the city lovers/city soulmates out there❤️

Selected Gemstones:

Bracelet #1: Matte Pink Aventurine + Polished Pink Zebra Jasper
Bracelet #2: Polished Onyx Stone + Diamond Cut Black Silk Stone


Custom Stainless Steel Magnetic Buckle with MCB logo
Royal Crowns, Ring & Cube



Semi-Precious Stone
Silver Crown/Ring - s925 Silver Plated Copper with Zircon Stones
Black Crown/Cube - Nickel Plated Copper with Zircon Stones
Stainless Steel Accessories


6.5 - 10.5'' / 17 - 27cm
Freehand Adjustable

Package includes:

2 x Bracelets
+ Free Microfiber Pouch
+ Free Soft Velvet Polishing Cloth

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