Our Story ♥

Living life with a purpose, spreading love and embracing gratitude is what we do. 

12 years ago during our high school years, life made us cross our paths twice. It was beautiful and we had the most amazing time together.

during our high school years

Now we know it was not the right time and place - we both had to go study abroad, far far away from each other and separate the love we shared. Twice.

Eventually, each of us moved to 2 different countries, 3000 miles apart, we lost contact and both moved on.

But then, somehow, without a sign, last year our paths crossed again when we both visited our hometown after such long time and we immediately knew this is IT.

The same connection, the same passion, the same purpose. ALL IN.

We rediscovered all we shared 12 years ago, knowing we have grown during these years to be the best versions for ourselves and for each other.

Memories of Martiny & Tomash

Everyone around us holds a unique story worth sharing and we know that.

We wanted to create something that would always be with us, something we could touch, something reminding us the incredible story that life has brought to us.

That's how Magnetic Couples Bracelets were born, to represent exactly that. The Law of Attraction is real, no matter how far you are from each other, or how long you spend apart.

What's meant to be connected, will be. ALWAYS. ♥


Martiny & Tomash

Martiny & Tomash


Contact: martiny@magneticcouplesbracelets.com