How to take care of your Magnetic Couples Jewelry?

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Bracelet and necklaces risks exist 365 days a year. From sinking to the bottom of the sea to flying off during a killer basketball game, accidents can happen and we know that! Your magnetic couples bracelets and necklaces need a little help to protect it.

The only way to guarantee not losing or damaging your jewelry is to never wear it. But who wants to do that?

Follow these 8  simple guidelines to keep your jewelry safe and looking just as good as the day you received it. And when it does get dirty, learn how to clean your jewelry with our tips below.


Before you put on or take off your jewelry, wash your hands. Oils on your fingers and hands can tarnish the metal parts and stain the rope.


Love good smelling stuff? So do we! Even though, it’s best to avoid perfumes or lotions when wearing your jewelry. Remove them also before applying moisturizer, sunscreen, tanning lotion, or cologne. 


A little splash won’t hurt but don’t shower or swim with your jewelry on. Also take care when washing your hands or playing in the rain.

Too much H2O can cause damage to your metal pieces - Chlorine is damaging and discoloring to rope and can erode the polished finish of some charms, magnets and gemstones.


Not only is saltwater damaging to most jewelry, but shiny objects are also known to attract sharks – another great reason for not swimming with jewelry on!


Your jewelry is meant to be worn every day and to help you tell your love story. However, to avoid scratching or breaking the magnet or stone beads, it’s safer to take your jewelry off before hitting the gym or other strenuous activities. Sweat isn’t great for the rope or our beaded bracelets either.

Magnetic Couples Bracelets


When you aren’t wearing your Magnetic Couples Bracelets and Necklaces (which, let’s be honest, isn’t often), store them in a small jewelry pouches separately.


No matter how careful you are, your jewelry will need cleaning. Keep your bracelets pretty by gently polishing them with a dry, soft cloth if you feel like they look a bit dull. Try to avoid strong chemicals though.


Want to stack your bracelets and necklaces? Just be careful that your plated pieces don’t rub against each other too often. (And while you’re at it, watch out for keys in your pocket or purse—they can wear away the metal parts if they come into contact with your jewelry.)

With a little bit of care and attention, your jewelry will last a long long time!

If you have any other tips we didn't mention, don't be shy and leave it in the comment section below for others.

And of course, in case you have any issues with your Magnetic Couples Bracelets or Necklaces, feel free to contact us! 


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  • Billy Gunning

    How do I adjust the length of my bracelet?

  • Billy Gunning

    How do I adjust the length of my bracelet?

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