Our 30 Day Relationship Challenge

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Hi loves, Martina & Tomash here!

We know relationship is a full time job and requires effort and time (tell us about it, we spend 24 hours together since day 1! - as we also work on our “baby” brand Magnetic Couples Bracelets together).

Connection and closeness do not just happen – you need to create it, work on it and take care of it. 

Today we prepared a fun way you two can deepen the bond you share – Our 30 Days Relationship Challenge! Screenshot the calendar below and plan out your month full of love, quality time and activities that will definitely add a new perspective on your relationship – whether you are dating, married, or in a long distance relationship 


30 Day Relationship Challenge

Let us know what your favorite day is in the comments below!


Martina & Tomash


  • Anita

    Do you have one for all of my cousins 6

  • Irene

    A lot of the things that are on here I already do. But there are some I have not tried that I’m quite eager and excited to try.

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