The 5 Languages of Love: A Fun Quiz for Couples (Part 2)

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Hi loves, Martina & Tomash here!:)

In our previous blog The 5 Languages of Love: Cheat Sheet (Part 1) we shared with you a practical tool that will help you communicate and express your love to your partner the way they will understand, enjoy and appreciate - whether it is through Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service or Giving Gifts.

That sounds quite easy, but how do we know which one is our love language?

Take our quiz below and find out! 

It’s super simple. Each of you gets 30 questions including 2 options. Whatever statement you prefer (no matter if your partner does these things or not), write down the corresponding letter. Once you’re done with your answers, count how many of each letter your answers gave you. At the bottom of the quiz you will find the letters and their corresponding Love Language. Whichever letter you counted the most, that’s your Love Language! 

Make sure you have paper and pen handy, we prepared one quiz for her and one for him :)

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

Make sure you share with us your Love Language in the comments and whether you enjoyed giving this quiz to each other 


Martina & Tomash



  • Kyler Hilton

    My love language is A – words of affirmation and my husband’s is E – physical touch. It was so nice to realize this so we can understand each other better! Thank you so much, what a helpful article!!!

  • Leslie Danny Joe Sr.

    My wife and I scored exactly the same, amazing! Our love language is E, physical touch, which is very correct, we loved doing this test.

  • Nicolle Torres brasileiro

    Oi tudo bem

  • Marc Paolini

    My wife and I scored almost the exact same on every category! Our love language is E! Physical touch! We enjoyed doing this as today is our anniversary!!! Thanks!!!

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