5 Ways to Reconnect With Your Love After a Fight (That Work For Us)

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Hi loves, Martina & Tomash here!

Alright, so.. You just had a nuclear meltdown with your husband or wife, and now it feels like your relationship is in shambles.

And I mean li-te-ra-lly.

The truth is though, while it may feel like it, it really does not have to stay that way!

In fact, it is possible to get back on track and reconnect meaningfully. Here are 5 of the best ways to reconnect with your partner after a fight that have worked for us two in the past 2.5 years❤️

1. Acknowledge what happened.

Taking responsibility for your role in the fight is essential, even if you don't feel like it was your fault. I know, I know - it's super challenging especially when you're heated! But, acknowledging the fight is the first step to rebuilding the connection between you and your partner.
The main thing to remember here is that it's not about winning or losing the fight but rather finding a way to move on from it (this might take some time to master!).

So you see, when you both acknowledge what happened and agree to move on, it creates an opportunity to start fresh.

Keeping the past in the past, and looking forward to rebuilding your connection with your spouse is the key here.

2. Express your feelings.

This one is HUGE.

Expressing your feelings is key to reconnecting. Even if you don't agree with what your partner has said or done, being able to express your feelings in a healthy way will help both of you heal and move forward.

Rather than lashing out or getting angry, take the time to tell your love how you feel, even if you really don't feel like it. This will help you both understand each other much much better and it leads to more meaningful connection we all strive for.

Sometimes, just the fact you guys express your feelings to each other is enough to make a difference in the relationship!

 3. Apologize and forgive.

We all know that apologies are an essential part of rebuilding a relationship after a fight.

Apologizing for the things you have said or done that hurt your partner is essential in restoring the connection between you.

However, it's also super important to forgive your partner for their part in the fight.

No matter how badly you were hurt, it's essential to let go of the past and move forward. Without that, the things will just keep building up and create the negative loop no couple wants to live in..

4. Show your appreciation.

It's important to realize one thing and that is - your relationship is more than just this fight.

There are times when you both love and appreciate each other, and don't forget to show it - I mean that's why you two are a couple:)

So, once you feel like it, make sure to take the time to tell your partner how much you appreciate them and all the wonderful things they do for you - this will help strengthen the bond between you and remind each other of why you fell in love!❤️

 5. Give them a gift that shows how much you care.

Ok guys, let's face it.

Our Magnetic Couples Bracelets are suuuper cute and straight to the point!

Here's the best reconnection idea ever, whenever me and Tomash do it to each other it makes us laugh so much:

Step 1: You put a bracelet on your wrist and then on your partner's.
Step 2: Click the magnets together so they connect in one.
Step 3: Say NOTHING and wait 😁

We promise this is THE best way to reconnect with your love after any disagreement - and we mean LITERALLY:)♥

So guys, remember, it's all about understanding how the other person feels and expressing your appreciation for each other. These five steps are all great ways to get back on track with your relationship after a fight or disagreement.

Although every relationship is different, we truly believe that with these tips we just shared with you, you two can safely return to the loving connection you deserve and share♥

Let us know in the comments if you have any other reconnection tip for all of us that have been forking for you♥

Martina & Tomash




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