The 36 Questions That Lead To Love

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Hi loves, Martina and Tomash here!

Have you noticed our “Express, Share, Connect” motto we use on our Instagram? Well, it is not just a phrase. It is actually the mission of our Magnetic Couples Bracelets brand as well as our everyday life.

We always look for new ways how to deepen and strengthen our communication level and therefore our connection and love. Never enough deep talks, am I right?!

Communication is the key to every healthy and successful relationship and it is the #1 pillar on which you two build your love and connection from day one.

That’s why today we prepared a really challenging game for you guys - it’s deep, it’s scary – but oh so rewarding!

It’s a simple game you two can play at home, on a date, through the Zoom call, anywhere.

New York Times magazine published these 36 questions that were used in a study done by psychologist Arthur Aron – it explores whether asking a specific personal questions between two strangers can actually accelerate intimacy between them. These 36 questions are divided into 3 parts – each of them is more probing than the one before.

The idea behind this study is the vulnerability. As we all know, it can be really difficult to be vulnerable with another person, so this is kind of exercise that trains you to do just that. Because closeness is based on mutual vulnerability.

Here are the questions, enjoy the ride!:)

If you want to go an extra mile, try staring into each other’s eyes for two minutes and see what happens!

If you came up with more questions you found interesting, don’t be shy and share them with others in our comments section:)

Let us know how it went!


Martina & Tomash


1 comment

  • Brooklyn

    I met this guy 13 days ago and we went through these questions last night. We had already started forming an emotional connection before these questions, but this deepened the connection tenfold. His willingness to share his vulnerability and the clear strength that resonates from him is something I have been craving in a partner for a long time. I’m not sure why yet, but our life paths have definitely crossed for a reason. I can’t wait to share more with him and learn more about him. He makes me feel seen, heard, and understood. I hope I give the same to him because he is just wonderful. I’m pretty stoked to see what the future holds for us and I know that we will continue to be open with each other because we have established that as part of our interactions already. Thanks for these questions!

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