Couple's Gratitude Journal - 7 Days Challenge

3 comments by Martina R

Hi loves, Martina & Tomash here!:)

Over the past month both me and Tomash have been studying about energies, emotions, frequencies, vibrations, healing, etc.. When we realized the power of positive emotions such as gratitude, love, joy and bliss and their incredible effect on our perspective on ourselves, our life and our loved ones, we felt the need to share it with the world.

We know that the best way to share a knowledge or an idea is through a game or an interactive content. That's why we created this beautiful, simple to use Couple's Gratitude Journal for 7 days. 

We promise you if you really stick to it and write down 3 positive things about your partner you're grateful for at the end of each day and share it with them, your day, evening, and the next day will improve immensely! Do this for a week and see the magic work itself into your relationship 

It's simple - just take a screenshot of each day and enjoy the love amplified by gratitude every day of the next 7 days and for a long long time ♥

Ready? Here we go:

Let us know in the comments whether you already practice gratitude by yourself or also with your partner, or if this exercise is new for you! ♥


Martina & Tomash




  • Judy C.

    This journal should be printed, I really love to remind myself of the positive things in life and physically writing it down on a piece of paper gives me time to realize it, process it and feel it even more. Thank you so much for this idea!

  • Trever Elliott

    We have a dry erase board in the kitchen and everyday we either read a message or write a message. Need a new board now. It works great. Thank you for this challenge.

  • CLAIRE Wilson

    I practice gratitudes every day and feel that has what had brought my amazing man to my life , never have I been treated so amazingly and properly. My man sees my worth and more important has made me see my worth too.

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