Magnetic Cloud Bracelets

Magnetic Couples Bracelets
Magnetic Couples Bracelets for Lovers
Magnetic Couples Bracelets
Magnetic Couples Bracelets
Magnetic Couples Bracelets
Magnetic Cloud Bracelets

Magnetic Cloud Bracelets

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Magnetic Cloud Bracelets

Because true love is unconditional, nonjudgemental, and infinite. Remember that time is finite, but you two are blessed with infinite love.

Wear our brand new Magnetic Infinity Bracelets as a reminder that with love, there are no limits. Because in the eyes of love, you can find infinity.

Each bracelets has a tiny promise ring that holds the meaningful promise within:

“Take my love.
Multiply it by infinity.
Take it to the depths of forever.. .
And you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you.”

Selected Gemstones:

Bracelet #1: Matte White Turquoise + Diamond Cut White Agate

Bracelet #2: Diamond Cut White Turquoise + Polished White Agate


Magnetic Buckle Design
Silver Charm & Ring



Semi-Precious Stone
Silver Charm, Ring & Accessories - s925 Silver 
Stainless Steel Magnets


6.5 - 10.5'' / 17 - 27cm
Freehand Adjustable

Package includes:

2 x Bracelets
+ Free Black Velvet Pouch
+ Free Soft Velvet Polishing Cloth

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