Beyond #CoupleGoals: Discover the Real Power of Your Relationship

by Martina R

Hello my loves!

I'm so happy you're reading this.
It means you really, REALLY care. 

Firstly, because MCB found you.
And MCB does not just find anyone. 

It finds humans who are ready to level up their connection with themselves and their partner.

It finds humans that are ready to amplify love in every way because they feel and know, deep inside, there's a possibility of higher level of unconditional love in their life and between them and their partner.

It finds humans that are ready to feel MORE, love MORE, experience MORE, care MORE, express MORE, share MORE, connect MORE, create MORE.

So congratulations for being that person.
We welcome you with open arms and most of all, with open hearts! 

Welcome to the Magnetic Love Family where everything is possible, love knows no limits, it conquers all, and through unconditional love we connect, share, create, heal, and experience relationships on another level.

Because if no one has broken the news to you yet.. here goes.

The truth is.. 

Your relationship is not exactly what you think it is.

Your relationship is not there as a solution to a companionship.

Or to just be with someone to have fun, watch Netflix with, go to romantic dinners, get engaged, married, have kids, get a mortgage with, buy a house, a dog, go for a few vacations a year with, get old with and die with.

Thats a load of #%$@.

It is an illusion we are being fed through romantic movies (that are not real), #couplegoals accounts on social media (that are not real), magazines (that are not real)..

It's not so much of a #%$@ than a surface distraction program making us make decisions and take actions we actually do not really feel so much, but we do it anyway because "it's the norm" or "it's just how life goes" or "it's expected of me because I'm 30" or "all my friends are already engaged".


If you truly want to understand and utilize the fullest potential and the real power of your relationship, it's important to see it for what it is, once and for all.

Your relationship is in fact, one of the most useful transformation tools (if you are willing to open your heart and shift your perspective) that can help you discover, mirror, reveal and heal the darkest, yucky, stagnant stuff inside of you (energy that's not yours, unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns that no longer serve you), so that you can strip yourself of all the bullshit that created pain in you and you no longer need in your life.

And as a result - to live the most happy, fulfilled, radiant, most amazing life you actually came here to live. 

It's why you were born.

You see, your relationship serves as a mere reflection of your beliefs and behavioral patterns that only want:

  1. Your attention
  2. Want to be understood, loved and released (healed/transformed into love).


But what's the point of all this?
Why would I want to "transform", "heal" or "release" stuff?
What's the goal?

The goal is for YOU to evolve. And to become the best version of yourself. 

Because you do it anyways, whether you are aware of it or not. 

➣ All of us evolve. 
➣ Nature around us evolves. 
➣ Animals evolve. 
➣ Technology evolves. 

➤ Why not become aware of this process and actually start enjoying it? 
➤ Directing it? 
➤ Playing around with it?
➤ Have fun with it?
➤ Utilizing the most amazing tools such as your relationship to accelerate it?

The goal of evolution is to become so wise and centered that nothing can move you anymore.

In this process you get to know the real you - not just the story you've been telling yourself. You realize how amazing you are, how wonderful you are, how genius you are and based on this, you connect to your TRUE POWER.

And once you do that, you are free.

And with that power and freedom, you are able to create the most amazing life of your dreams and help others to do the same.

Because thats the goal of this game called life.

And your partner is there for you, to help you on your evolution journey.

And sure, your partner may do this in a form of triggers, fights, annoying you and making you feel miserable, angry, hurt and frustrated.. 

But at the end of the day, that is sometimes the only way to learn the "lessons" and heal the parts of you that want to be processed, understood, loved and released and therefore, bring you closer to the goal of the game called life.

And the goal is:

➤ You realizing you are more powerful than you ever thought was possible.
And together with your partner to become conscious creators of your life - together.

Martina & Tomash

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