12 Must-Have Apps for a Long Distance Relationship Couples

by Martina R

Hi lovelies, Martina and Tomash here!:)

Today we are going to share with you 12 must-download apps for long distance relationships. Of course we all use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that helps us to stay in touch with our partners, but there is only so much you can do with these apps and after some time, they may get boring, right?

This article is perfect for you if you’ve been looking for more apps to beat the monotonous routine of chatting, voice noting and calling  

Let’s see them!

1. Happy Couple (Available for Android and iOS)

    Happy Couple is an app made in a quiz style and while you have fun, you get to know your partner more and strengthen the bond in the same time! Me and Tomash LOVE quizzes that help us to get to know each other better. Sometimes certain questions can lead to an important conversation and that’s amazing!

    There is a daily quiz that includes 10 new questions every day—a perfect amount for some quality relationship time, without being too time-consuming. This app basically starts a relationship-building dialogue about values, feelings, and aspirations. We LOVE it!

    2.. iPassion (Available for Android & iOS)

    iPassion is basically an average trivia game with a sexy twist – it has dirty / intimate questions:) There are multiple choice questions where you can guess your turn-ons, sexual preferences, and more. This is a great option as a foreplay for a sexy video chat!

    We know that in LDR it is hard to get intimate. This would be a great option to try out! It helps to discover what your partner likes, dislikes with custom quizzes. It’s super easy to use, initially you just need to answer two questions with your love – you guess each other answers to see if they match.

    3. Idealationship for Couples (Available for iOS only)

      We LOVE this app! You know we are all for improving and building a strong healthy relationship and connection. This app does just that! We know that distance and different time zones can stand in the way and not being able to meet your love whenever you feel like can be super hard.

      This app was made to help couples figure out what they want from their relationship and how to achieve it. All its features remind and show people how to handle conversations that would be difficult to have, prioritize their partner, and give couples opportunities to strengthen their bond. I mean, how incredible is that?

      4. Lovedays: D-Day for couples (Available for Android and iOS)

      Lovedays is a countdown app (anniversary, next date) but it has so much more features within: You can create The Couple profile with your pictures and names, D-Day Calculator that calculates the important events and also D-Day Counter – this one remembers important dates for you two. For example, the next visit.

      Another amazing this is that the app allows you to change your phone’s lock screen or background to a photo with how many days are left in your countdown so you can always see it on your phone. And you can make this app look however you want – changing fonts, colors and other details. We love pretty apps!

      5. WeConnect (Available for Android and iOS)

      Get intimate with your love even when you’re apart. Sounds good? Enabling private conversations and calls, it works with compatible vibrators and lets your partner control its vibration type, duration, and intensity. This app is really unique (wink-wink;) and will help you spice up your relationship even when you are far away from one another!

      6. LokLok (Available for Android only)

      We think that this app’s idea is super cute. So sad it is not available for iOS yet, though. LokLok replaces your Android lock screen with a shared whiteboard that is always syncing between you and your partner, letting you to leave drawings, love notes and photos for each other to see when you check your phones. How beautiful is that? Technology can be awesome!

      7. Rabb.it (Available for Android and iOS)

      Are you looking for new ways to spend time with your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend? Rabb.it will help you! It takes your video chat dates to a whole new dimension.

      Watching a movie with your bae through various apps and gadgets can be difficult. With Rabb.it you won’t have to click back and forth between video chat and Netflix. You can actually watch movies and TV shows and talk to each other in the same time, all in ONE PLACE – no matter where you guys are at the moment. It’s definitely a great way how to feel like you two are spending a date night together, and helps to make the distance a bit more bearable.

      8. Nujj (Available for Android and iOS)

      Stay connected to your partner like there is no distance between you two! How does that sound? Nujj is an app that send your partner ‘nudges’ when you shake your phone. It’s so simple! Shake your phone and your love’s phone will vibrate, letting them know you’re thinking of them. Sooo awesome!

      9. MyLove (Available for Android and iOS)

      MyLove is a simple yet fun app that allows you to know how long you and your partner have been in a relationship. It counts down to minutes and seconds, giving you a unique perspective. When the distance seems hard, it’s helpful to be able to have an app thanks to which you can remind yourself that you’ve already got through 180 days of distance. You can set up notifications so you won’t miss out on important dates and you can also customize it with a photo of you two. Simple but neat!:)

      10. Gyft (Available just for iOS)

      Alright, Whatsapp and video call date never gets old, but sometimes it’s much needed to explore other ways to show you love to your partner. Through Gyft app you guys can gift each other with numerous gift cards to a wide variety of restaurants, stores and websites from iTunes to Starbucks! Imagine your girl is having a tough day.. You can send her a $10 Chipotle gift card so she can feel better with her fave burrito bowl! J The app is easy to use, and it’s an awesome way to show your love.

      11. Between (Available for Android & iOS)

      Between is an app where you two can communicate with complete privacy - all your messages are password protected and encrypted. You can either use the chat feature to send messages that don’t save on your phone, or you can create a secret photo album of your relationship that no one else will have access to.

      12. Kast (Available for Android and iOS)

      We REALLY like this app – it not only helps you to improve your connection and helps you to strengthen your bond, but you can also play private games with your partner. Desire app has many different categories you can enjoy - dress code, fantasy, roleplay, and many more. You can dare your partner to do anything, send you a private photo, and even have special dates online. Have tons of fun and play games through this app with your love!

      The above apps are the best ones we have found. We hope you guys will try them out and make your days apart more entertaining and fun! Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite AND if you want part 2 of this article!


      Martina & Tomash

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