What Do You Gain From Our Gemstone Bracelets?

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The gemstones we use for our Magnetic Couples Bracelets are carefully handpicked by me and Tomash as they hold amazing benefits ranging from gain of love, wealth, protection and emotional stability. Check which one is the best fit for you!

We know it might not always be easy for you to choose your favorite Magnetic Couples Bracelets, especially out of our gemstones collection. Don't worry, we got you! We created these 22 cards for the 22 gemstones we use for our bracelets - each of them tells you its meaning, benefits and affirmations you will gain from wearing that gemstone.

Once you feel you found the gemstone that fits you and you need in your life, simply click on the card and browse the bracelets made of this specific gemstone.

And voilà! shopping made easy❤️

Let us know which stones you like the most in comments below😍























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